This Video Explains Why You’re Waiting So Long In the Emergency Room

You would think an emergency room is a place to get medical care quickly, but plenty of us know the feeling of waiting for hours even if the place doesn’t seem busy. This video helps to explain why.

Here’s How Close Harrison Ford Came To Landing On Top Of A Passenger Jet

Harrison Ford, carpenter, actor and plane man, was involved in a “potentially serious incident” last week when he landed on a taxiway instead of a runway at John Wayne Airport here in Orange County, flying right over a passenger jet. Now we have video to show how close he got.

[Brutal] Android market share is still rising, decimates Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS

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How to opt-in and use Android Instant Apps, currently rolling out to select devices

Back at Google I/O last summer, we got our first look at Android Instant Apps. Instead of taking the time to download and install a full application, Instant Apps allows users to quickly test out a…

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YouTube mobile live streaming is rolling out for all channels with more than 10,000 subs

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96 Companies Just Told Trump Where He Can Shove His Muslim Ban

Last night, 96 companies filed legal documents that object to President Trump’s Muslim ban. But they’re not just doing it because it’s the right thing to do. The filing makes it clear that Trump is disrupting business.