Android and its first purchasable product, the T-Mobile G1, celebrate their 8th birthdays today

Eight years – that’s how long Android has been available to the public for. September 23rd, 2008 marked two huge events in Android’s history: T-M… by Richard Gao in Android OS, G1 (Dream), Google, HTC, News, T-Mobile

Hangouts v13 adds many more easter egg phrases, an in-app web browser, and prepares launcher shortcuts for Android 7.1 [APK Download + Teardown]

Hangouts v12 came out last month and we took an opportunity to have a couple laughs at its expense over what appeared to be the only actual new feature: a… by Cody Toombs in APK Teardown, Applications, Downloads, News

18 Quick Tricks for Google Docs

Behind the clean and tidy interface sported by Google’s online office apps, there are all kinds of features and tools you might not yet have stumbled across—and some of them can seriously improve your productivity. Here are 18 of our favorite quick tricks that won’t take long to learn but which will come in handy time and time again.

Google made some cute advertisements for Duo, seriously they’re adorable

One trend I’ve noticed with Google over the years is that they don’t usually advertise on TV. There’s been some commercials for the Nexus devices over the… by Corbin Davenport in Google, News, Videos

Why H.R. Giger’s Alien Is a Movie Monster Masterpiece

It goes without saying that Alien’s xenomorph is just plain cool. But why exactly do we love this grotesque monster so much? YouTube’s kaptainkristian explores that exact question, delving into the delightfully creepy mind of Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger and exploring the nuanced cinematic genius behind this otherworldly parasite.

Chromecast Preview Program lets you test drive new Chromecast firmware before they’re released

Back in May, Cody unveiled strings in the Google Cast app version 1.15 that pointed to an upcoming “Chromecast Preview Program.” It was clear from the… by Rita El Khoury in Applications, Chromecast, Google, News

Cure the Hiccups by Drinking Water From the Opposite Side of the Cup

There are an endless number of hiccup cures out there, and many of them involve drinking something. This doctor recommended method shows, however, that it’s not really what you drink, but how you drink it that’s important.

Torrenting Showdown: Transmission vs qBitorrent vs µTorrent

There are more BitTorrent clients than we could possibly compare, but some of the most popular—and best—have been under the spotlight lately for sleazy ads and bad behavior. It’s time to check in on a few of our favorites to see how they fare, which deserves your downloads, and which you can trust.