Google Pixel 3 Review: I Just, Like It

Alright, it’s Pixel 3 review time. Oh, and this is only a Pixel 3 review. If you want a Pixel 3 XL specific review, that’ll come later once we’ve spent more time with it, but as you can probably guess, almost everything in this here block of text applies to the bigger of the Pixel 3 units…

Adobe Premiere Rush CC launches on Android in 2019, YouTube-centric video editing app

Adobe has officially announced their latest mobile-targeted video editing software called Premiere Rush CC, which is now available on desktop and iOS devices, with Android support expected in 2019.…

Which Pixel 3 Features are Coming to Older Pixel Phones?

During yesterday’s Made by Google event, the company announced phones that we knew everything about on a hardware front. What we didn’t know was how Google would try to differentiate their new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones from the market through software. They briefly laid out some of their…

Google’s Pixel 3 has plenty of new and upcoming camera features

The biggest advantage of Pixel ownership, outside Google’s highly optimized software experience, is the camera. Pixels have been consistently near or at the top of the pack when it comes to photo quality, and in no small part that’s because of that Google software. A camera is more than

The first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, was announced 10 years ago today

On this fateful day ten years ago, Google, T-Mobile, and HTC joined forces to announce the T-Mobile G1. It would go on to launch internationally as the HTC Dream, but this piece of hardware was the first way consumers could experience the Android platform. The G1 was far from