Google Photos is rolling out identification and photo grouping for your dogs and cats

One of Google Photos’ main selling points is how easily and accurately it can identify faces in photos and group them together. The face recognition is ser… by Richard Gao in Applications, Google, News

Here Are Five Major Performance Benefits Of An Electric Car

Electric motors are coming whether we want them or not. So let’s not pout, but instead celebrate the ways in which electric vehicles actually outperform their conventional internal combustion engine-driven counterparts.

Check out all the videos for Google’s newly announced products

Today was Google’s big hardware event, and we saw a ton of new things. There are new phones, new Google Homes, and even a new Chromebook. You can relive it… by Ryan Whitwam in Google, Google Home, Google Home Max, Google Home Mini, News, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Videos