Google explains Tuesday’s Drive and Docs bug that marked some files as violating ToS

On Tuesday, several Google Docs users noticed that they were not able to access their files, with Drive displaying a Terms of Service violation error. In a blog post, Google today explained the iss…

I’ve been saying this for years! Why can’t we just say “excuse me”?

I've been saying this for years! Why can't we just say "excuse me"?

Here’s a cool thing. When you’re sick, or allergic, or something flies up your nose, and you spasm and expel mucus, it’s polite for anyone around you, including complete strangers, to call attention to it. In English-speaking countries they say “Bless you,” in most of Europe they say “Health.” In almost every culture, the polite response is “Thank you.” As in “Thank you for calling attention to my embarrassing bodily function.” As in “Thank you f…

Star Trek: Discovery Will Return for a Second Season

Before Star Trek: Discovery began, much was made of whether or not the show would be able to sustain subscriptions to CBS’s digital “All Access” service for a second season and beyond. Well, good news: It turns out Discovery’s been a huge success so far.

Dogs Make Facial Expressions, But Only When They’ve Got an Audience

Some dog owners claim to be able to read the face of their cuddly canine like a book, but it’s completely possible they’re just projecting. New research suggests it’s not just their imagination, and that dogs really do switch on the puppy eyes —but only in the presence of a captive audience.

Google Photos is rolling out identification and photo grouping for your dogs and cats

One of Google Photos’ main selling points is how easily and accurately it can identify faces in photos and group them together. The face recognition is ser… by Richard Gao in Applications, Google, News

Here Are Five Major Performance Benefits Of An Electric Car

Electric motors are coming whether we want them or not. So let’s not pout, but instead celebrate the ways in which electric vehicles actually outperform their conventional internal combustion engine-driven counterparts.