Android Auto is now available on more than 500 car models and head units

Google has been consistently updating its Android Auto compatibility lists every few weeks for quite some time now. Back in October of last year, the amount of car models and head units with Android Auto crossed 400, which is no small feat. Almost a year later, that figure has

Google marks Chrome’s 10th birthday w/ Material Theme, smarter Omnibox, & more personalization

Google Chrome was unveiled on September 1, 2008 as a “new open source browser” focused on speed and simplicity. Ten years later, its 69th version is launching today with a brand new des…

Space station air leak caused by man-made drill hole, reports say | CBC News

A hole that caused an air leak and pressure drop at the International Space Station last week was caused by a man-made drill hole not a micrometeorite strike — and may even have been punctured deliberately as an act of sabotage, an investigation has found.

Is It Better to Watch a 4K Movie On Blu-ray or Through Streaming?

Netflix offers 4K movies, but are they good enough to compete with the UHD Blu-ray you can find in a store? Well, no. Streaming will almost always look worse, but for some things it might not matter. Here’s the breakdown.

Low-carb diets associated with lower life expectancy, study suggests.

Low-carb diets associated with lower life expectancy, study suggests.

Many people have embraced low carbohydrate diets to lose weight, but they may be putting their long-term health at risk by eating too much animal protein and fat.