Early Word On District 9

Yesterday there was a screening for the new Sci-Fi flick “District 9″ held at Comic Con (one of the only reasons I almost went this year). The film is directed by Neill Blomkamp who was originally supposed to helm the “Halo” movie project until the plug got pulled.

I’ve now talked to, emailed or texted with 6 friends who were at that screening… and they all seem to have the exact same opinion: It’s great.

A couple of them caution that a SMALL part of it is the normal hysteria people have about a movie they see at a “special exclusive” screening like this and it is NOT the next Sci-Fi masterpiece… BUT… even they said there is no denying it is a truly great film.

Soul Video (who as you know is my regular guest on the podcast) was there and told me it is the best film of the year so far… better than Star Trek and better than UP.

I was already curious to see this film… now I’m flat out dying to see it.

If it really is as good as my friends are saying it is…. get ready for Halo…. unless the film flops financially.

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