Nero Introduces Stripped-Down, Freeware CD and DVD Burner [Downloads]

If you prefer Nero for your simple CD/DVD burning tasks but the price throws you for a loop, Nero has introduced a stripped-down, freeware version of the popular DVD burning software.

Since it's a stripped down version, you will only get the most basic CD and DVD burning features—for anything else you'll have to upgrade, or you can use a free replacement instead, like the popular ImgBurn application that just upgraded with loads of new features and bug fixes. Still, if you are used to Nero and want a free version, it might be worth a look.

Nero 9 is a free download for Windows. Readers should note that the freeware version will try and reset your default browser search page and install the Ask toolbar—make sure to look at that screen carefully or you'll have crapware on your system.

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