Burn Any Video File Type To Play on A DVD Player

Instead of watching video files on your PC it be nice to have a disc to pop into any player to watch from other locations.  Today we take a look at DVD Flick…a free and Open Source DVD authoring tool used to make a playable DVD from several different video file formats.

Installing DVD Flick

Installation is a quick and easy process following the install wizard.


After installation you will get a welcome screen that will allow you to read through their guides, website, and forums.

2 Welcome

Using DVD Flick

Here we will demonstrate making a quick DVD using three differently formatted videos.  The first thing we’ll do is add a new title or video clip(s) to the project.

3 add title

You can either browse for them in Explorer or simply drag and drop into the project window.  Notice we are using three video formats with AVI, WMV, and FLV.


Now in the project area you can start authoring the DVD by moving clips, editing titles, etc.


There are some cool menus you can choose from to customize into the DVD creation.

DVD Menu

Once you choose a menu you can preview how it will look.

preview menu

It allows you to customize settings from basically every aspect of the DVD including Audio, Video, Burning and general settings.

Project Settings

Projects are saved with a .dfproj file extension which may look odd later if DVD Flick is not associated with them.

saved project

Click on the Burn DVD button when ready and you’ll be shown a progress screen with an extra cool bonus.


Click on the “Entertain me” button while the DVD is burning and you can play a version of Tetris.


It uses ImgBurn technology to execute the DVD burning process and it pops up while the actual burning takes place.


When everything has finished you should see something similar to the picture below provided there were no errors.


DVD Flick is easy to use and light on system resources and includes just the right amount of features for the home DVD Author.  If you are low on cash this is a very good free alternative to a commercial application such as Nero. 


Download DVD Flick 

Read the Full List of Supported Audio & Video Formats

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