New Astro Boy Trailer Makes Me Want This New Astro Boy Toy [Astro Boy]

Check out this wicked Astro Boy figurine recently spotted at Hong Kong’s Ani-Com show. I can’t wait for the big-screen CG reboot of everyone’s favorite Pinocchio-like android kid with arm canons. Speaking of which, new full-length trailer after the jump!

First created by Osamu Tezuka (the father of Manga) in 1952, Astro Boy played a big part in the rise of the anime aesthetic. Various Astro Boy comics and series have run over the years—influencing pop culture mainstays like teenage hairstyles, video games (Mega Man), and movies (Steven Spielberg's A.I.) along the way. Personally, it was the classic 80's series that got me hooked.

We’ll learn more about the availability of Hot Toys’ figurine closer to the movie’s October 23 release. Voices from Samuel L. Jackson, Charlize Theron and Donald Sutherland look solid; but let’s hope Nicolas Cage doesn’t inject his super-intense brand of fail. [Current and io9]

We’ve seen teasers before, but this full-length trailer debuted yesterday:

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