Microsoft Says No Zune HD Outside the U.S (For Now) [Zune Hd]

Ouch, sorry friendly neighbors to the North. The Zune HD hits the U.S next week (Sept 15), but Microsoft has now confirmed that it currently has no plans to make it available beyond the States. At least for the moment.

Microsoft told Ars that:

“For the time being the Zune HD device will remain US only. Right now we are focused on deploying an exciting service in the form of Zune Video to 18 markets. We are looking at potential future hardware experiences for these markets, but do not have anything to announce right now.”

So that doesn’t say never, it just looks like they’re focusing on the U.S. first. The original Zune 30GB hit the U.S in November 2006, and it took until June 2008 for it to reach Canada. But given Apple’s ho-hum updates, something tells me that the Zune HD could roll out overseas much quicker than that. [ArsTechnica via Engadget]

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