Google Adds Shared Folders to Docs [File Sharing]

Good news for people using Google Docs to share or collaborate on documents: Google today has added folder sharing and multiple document uploading to its popular suite of web-based document and spreadsheet apps.

There's not much to getting up and going with shared folders. Either right-click a folder and select Share or go to a folder and select the Share this folder drop-down to invite people. They've also improved their file upload tool to support uploading multiple documents at one time—provided you're sharing documents within their supported types. Images, Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations work like a charm; I tried uploading a plain text Greasemonkey script, for example, and it was rejected, so while Docs has almost opened the doors for regular old file hosting and sharing, it's still got its limitations.

Shared folders and more in Google Docs [Official Google Docs Blog]

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