Is The Crunchpad Dead? [Rumor]

The Silicon Alley Insider has heard that Mike Arrington’s vision of an affordable Crunchpad web tablet is dying due to higher-than-expected costs.

The fact is that the timeline for the Crunchpad thus far reads like a vaporware gadget or the financially-challeged launch of the OLPC project. First, the Crunchpad was $200, then it became $300, then there was supposed to be an announcement in July or August. Of course, that never happened, but another summertime rumor placed the launch in November for $400. That was months ago—and nothing has materialized so far.

Rumors are rumors, but if rising costs are a major issue, that does not bode well—especially with the threat of a sub $1000 Apple Tablet looming. [Silicon Alley]

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