The Heart of Dartness Determines Your Dartboard Sweet Spot [Games]

Every so often, your uncoordinated hands get wrangled into a game of barroom darts. If you’d like a better chance at victory instead of apologies, a few Stanford students’ webapp can analyze your game and provide your personal best-chance target.

As Wired’s write-up explains, darts is a game where the difference between hitting a 20 or a 1 is very, very small, and always aiming at the bullseye isn’t a good long-term strategy. Facing down his own non-expert tossing skills, Ryan Tibshirani wrote an app that analyzes 50 of your throws and figures out where you should aim for your best chances at a high score.

The webapp requires Java to run, and doesn't account specifically for specialty games like cricket—although, in most games, a high score is never a bad thing. If you've got your own strategies for faking it like a billiards room hero, tell us about it in the comments.

The Heart of Dartness [ via Wired]

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