YouTube Disco Brings Music Discovery to YouTube [YouTube]

YouTube has launched a music discovery service, fueled by YouTube’s inventory of music videos, called YouTube Disco.

Click on the image above for a closer look.

Presently it isn't the most advanced music discovery service around but it could be the easiest to use. You have two options when searching YouTube Disco. You can search for an artist or song and hear more songs by that artist—you might discover something new but it will be within the artist's own discography—or you can search for music related to the song or artist you initially searched for.

In the screenshot above, songs related to Queen appear in the left-hand column whereas songs directly in the Queen discography appear in the right-hand column. From the right-hand column you can browse through artist videos—the default view—or select mixes of related music or related artists.

For other ways to discover new music check out previously reviewed Radio Tuna, Project Playlist, and Source Tone.

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