Best Music Streaming Service: Grooveshark [Hive Five Followup]

Last week we asked you to share your favorite music streaming service, then we rounded up the top five for you to vote on. Now we’re back to share the winner and runners-up.

The race for the top slot was a tight one. Grooveshark took home the prize with 31% of the vote beating out Pandora (29%) by a little more than 200 votes. Following Pandora, (14%) and Spotify (13%) engaged in a similar neck and neck battle for the third and fourth spots respectively. Trailing behind them was Lala with 5% of the vote, not a bad show for a new and relatively unknown service.

For more information about the Hive Five contenders, check out the full Hive Five. Have a favorite streaming service that didn’t make the top five cut? Let’s hear about it in the comments. Have a great idea for a Hive Five? Shoot us an email at with “Hive Five” in the subject line.

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