FlashHacker Keeps Flash Videos in Full Screen on Your Dual Monitors [Downloads]

Windows: If you’ve got more than one monitor, you’ve probably tried fullscreening a Flash video on one monitor while working in another. The problem: Flash exits fullscreen as soon as you click on something. FlashHacker fixes this problem.

A few months ago we highlighted a somewhat complicated method of tweaking Flash to fix this problem, but it hasn’t been updated for a while and doesn’t work with Flash 10 (the latest version of Flash). FlashHacker, on the other hand, should work like a charm on all versions of Flash. Just fire it up and click the big Hack My Flash! button. (Blogger Mike Pegg reports that he had to first click unhack and then hack, so if it’s not working the first time, you may want to try that.)

FlashHacker is a free download for Windows only. Any Mac or Linux users figure out how to address this issue? Let’s hear about it in the comments. Thanks badgerz!

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