Cranbrook Deer

The description from the person that posted the video:

“A newborn fawn creates a dangerous situation when mom gets protective. Starts cute, ends scary. Warning: this is disturbing stuff.
I cut the footage because I ended up filming the dog’s owner, whose privacy had to be protected.
The dog eventually left limping—since posting this I have heard that it recovered. THE DOG IS OKAY, I think.
River, my deer-whispering cat, is fine—we’ll see if he learned his lesson. (And no, I won’t put him on a leash or lock him in the house. A cat is not a dog.)
We did call animal control, there was nothing they could do.
As to why I didn’t stop filming to help the dog:
there were other people around, the dog wasn’t mine, I selfishly felt lucky to have something extraordinary to film.
If that makes me an idiot… well, that wouldn’t exactly be news to anyone in these parts.
And no, we never gave food to a deer, but they are all over the place and we probably need some level of government to address the issue before some kid gets hurt. That’s why I filmed and posted this.
(Don’t worry, John Wayne, this is in Canada—here we like the government to help with problems individuals can’t address alone, it makes us feel like our taxes go somewhere useful. I am not advocating for more government in Texas or Iowa… to each his own, amigo. Incidentally, that’s another reason why no guns were involved in this downtown scene.)
After this was picked up by and others, my email account couldn’t handle the influx of comments (I stopped at 214 an hour), which is why I’m trying to answer questions here.
Finally: yes, my being there filming contributed to the problem, stressing the doe. And yes, I feel bad about it.
My excuse: River has been hanging out with deer for a long time… this was a first, because of the newborn, and it went haywire in a hurry.”

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