Men Can Try the ‘Menstruation Machine’ to Feel ‘Bleeding Down There’

menstruation machine

Ah, menstruation. That wonderfully cyclical occurrence that women always discuss with knowing nods, and that men do their best to not think about. But thanks to designer Hiromi Ozaki, formerly clueless guys can now experience the menstrual experience first hand, in all its splendor. Cheers all around.

Ozaki, you see, has designed something called the ‘Menstruation Machine,’ which consists of a device that dispenses blood and simulates lower abdomen cramping — all in an attempt, as Ozaki explains, to mimic “the pain and bleeding of an average five-day menstruation process of a human.” Ozaki even created a demo/music video (after the jump) about a guy named Takashi, who uses the machine in an effort “to fulfill his desire to understand what it might feel like to be a truely kawaii (cute) girl [sic].” Takashi manages to stick with it for a while, and then things get pretty ugly. So, what did Takashi learn about being a woman? We’re not really sure. But it definitely looks like he won’t need to buy a Childbirth Machine for at least nine months. [From: DesignInteractions, via: Wired]

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