Tap ‘Left’ to Play Classic ‘Snake’ Game on YouTube

Snake in YouTube

‘Snake,’ the classic game installed on many early cell phones and, most memorably, the TI-83+ calculator, has made a jump to a new platform: YouTube. The recently discovered Easter Egg lets you play ‘Snake’ on a paused or buffering video by simply tapping (or holding) left. Just load up your favorite video on YouTube.com (the trick doesn’t work on embedded video) to try it out. Details are slim on the required settings; some claim you need to press up and left at the same time, some say the video has to be in the ‘Gaming’ category, and some even suggest that the video can be fully loaded. Regardless, most of our attempts were successful, and YouTube has successfully found a way to be an even bigger time-suck. [From: Engadget and Kotaku]

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