Link Wireless A/V Extender Brings Your Desktop Display to the Couch

450x450_27774_IMN_Link_LQ.jpgThe wireless display revolution carries on with the Link Wireless A/V Extender announced today by Imation. Able to project HD video output from your computer to your high-def television or projector, the Link is fully compatible with both Windows XP or greater, and at least Mac OS 10.4. 

It works via a USB 2.0 transceiver connected to your PC or Mac which sends 720p video (and 1080p stills) to your HDTV via a 10-inch receiver connected through your TV's HDMI or VGA port. Better yet, the drivers are included within the transceiver for Windows users (Mac lovers get an install disc) for true plug-and-play functionality. 
This device comes in the wake of Intel’s WiDi technology that serves essentially the same purpose. However, since WiDi is done using a special Netgear device via a custom Wi-Fi network, the content you push to your HDTV is subject to those nasty DRM rules. This shouldn’t be the case with Imation’s tech since it’s simply pushing the signal via wireless USB. Not to mention WiDi technology has to be built into said computer’s network adapter, which only a few (like Sony’s Vaio S and the Toshiba E205) have since emerged. 
With a "line-of-site" range of 30 feet, you shouldn't have any problem connecting your TV across the room to your desktop with this gadget, according to Imation. The manufacturer claims that the Link Wireless A/V Extender is available now through Amazon for $149.99, but the product has yet to appear on the online store. Stay tuned!

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