Apple Looking to Buy Sony (Rumors)

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Whaaaaaa?! When it comes to his company’s successes, Steve Jobs can be pretty cocky., sure. He demonstrated that recently when he decided to sit in on an Apple earnings call, taking the opportunity to call out RIM and Google. But Apple buying Sony? That seems pretty far-fetched even for Jobs on a good day.

Word is, however, that Cupertino is looking to invest some of its excess cash into the Japanese electronics giant. The rumors were enough to help bump Sony stock up nearly three percent this morning. A spokeswoman for Sony told The Globe and Mail, “We cannot comment on rumors or speculation.”

Aw, man, Sony, we won’t tell anyone. Blink once for “yes,” twice for “no.”

The rumors seem based at least somewhat on Jobs’s post-earnings call comments about the company’s $51 billion in cash, “We would like to continue to keep our powder dry, because we do feel that there are one or more strategic opportunities in the future,” he told the press.

Adobe and Disney were also listed as potential targets for Apple’s funds. That would be one way to get Flash on the iPad, I suppose.

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