Dreamworks Eying Halo Movie

While Fox and Universal’s joint attempt to make a Halo movie with Pater Jackson producing and Neill Blomkamp directing may have died a slow death years ago (with Blomkamp going on to become a star anyway as the director of District 9), all is not lost. New York Magazine’s Vulture blog reported yesterday that Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg are looking to get into the Halo movie game. Spielberg in all likelihood would not direct the thing, but would instead be an executive producer, not really having a hand in it at all.

Vulture says they’re aiming to adapt the novels rather than the games so as to avoiding to potentially having to foot the $12 million bill for Universal’s previous development.

Not a bad plan. Save some cash, and you still get exactly the same story, since, for the most part, the books are adaptations of the games. And I like the idea of a Halo movie, and the live-action ads Microsoft runs in advance of each new game, particularly “We Are ODST,” have shown the potential there. Do it, Dreamworks.

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