Archos Adds Two Android Tablets to Lineup


Look out, here come more tablets: Archos is debuting the Archos 101 and the Archos 70. The Archos 101 has a 10.1-inch screen and is less than half an inch thick. If that’s too big, the Archos 70 has a 7.0-inch screen. Both tablets allow Web surfing similar to that on a desktop or notebook computer. Also, both tablets play all the music, video, and photo formats as you’d get on your regular computer.

The Archos 70 comes with 8GB or 250GB of storage, while the Archos 101 comes with 8GB or 16GB. Archos isn’t saying why the larger screen model doesn’t have a large hard drive option. Both tablets can be used for mobile phone tethering by using a Bluetooth connection or a USB cable. You can get the Archos 101 starting at $299.99, or the Archos 70 starting at $275.99. The Archos 70 (8GB) is available now through the Archos online store; the Archos 101 will be available the week of November 18.

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