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Rollin’ Justin robot plays catch, makes coffee, aims to replace your dad (video)

With an 80 percent success rate, there’s a pretty good chance that Justin here is better at playing catch than you are. This old German Aerospace Agency-designed robot, which we first saw in 2009, learned a new trick — he can track thrown objects as they approach, calculate their flight path, and snap his cold, soulless hands around them before they hit the ground. Better yet, he can catch two objects at the same time. For his encore, Rollin’ Justin uses his tactile finger sensors to prepare you a cup of coffee, just so you know there’s no hard feelings once’s he’s done schooling you at three flies up. The ‘bot can be controlled via iPad and acts totally grateful when you get him a tie for Christmas, even though it’s not what he really wanted. Video after the break.

Update: Johannes sent us another video of him catching two balls with one hand! It’s after the break.

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Statistic: 125 Android apps are downloaded every second

The Android platform is gaining popularity around the world and Google states they now see over 350,000 activations per day. The Android Market is still trailing Apple’s App Store but have declared to have over 150,000 available apps. Checking out Android Market tracker shows a progression of not only the estimated numbers of apps, […]

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Motorola Xoom Superbowl Ad Takes on iPad


Back in December, Motorola let the world know it was planning to take on the iPad at CES the following month. The company released a quick and goofy CGI ad that took more than a few potshots at Apple’s wildly popular tablet. A few weeks later, the company debuted the Xoom, the first tablet to showcase the long awaited Android 3.0, Honeycomb, garnering rave reviews from around the industry.
Motorola is offering up another computer-generated video, again devoid of the actual device, strangely. The video will air during the Superbowl, but the company is showcasing it online now (check it out, after the jump).
The company references Apple’s own iconic Superbowl ad [above], opening with the text, “2011 looks a lot like 1984. One authority, one design, one
way to work.” The ad largely revolves around an image of the earth wearing those familiar white Apple earbuds.
“It’s time for more choices,” the ad implores, offering a laundry list of Xoom features, including a dual-core processor, 1080p video playback, front and rear facing cameras, 4G upgrades, and Honeycomb itself.
Is the Xoom ad destined to be as iconic as Apple’s “1984” ad? Not even close. But it does get its point across.